17:00 (Saturday Vigil) Thaxted Parish Church Lady Chapel
09:30 Bardfield   TIME CHANGED
The Holy Spirit, Great Bardfield
& English Martyrs, Thaxted
Braintree Road, Great Bardfield, Essex, CM7 4RN
Park Street, Thaxted, Essex, CM6 2ND
Latest Newsletters

Update 2019-11-09

Linked is the latest Reflections on Renewal document for the North Essex Parish Partnership.

Linda & Alfred Wheater & Robina Debnam,
SotG Team for Bardfield & Thaxted Parish

Update 2019-09-29

Linked is the North Essex Deanery draft Proposal which will be submitted to the Bishop and his team at Advent.

We, along with the Stewards of the Gospel for the NE Deanery have worked long and hard to prepare this document and we all feel our parishioners have a right to read through it before we submit it to Brentwood for consideration. We believe we have pursued every avenue open to us bearing in mind the difficult criteria handed to us from Brentwood. We have listened to, and taken into account, the various needs of our individual parishes. drafted, discussed and redrafted this document to ensure the viability of our proposal.

Do take time to read through the document, it is important for our future, our children's future and the future of our Church in Brentwood.

Linda & Alfred Wheater & Robina Debnam,
SotG Team for Bardfield & Thaxted Parish

Update 2019-07-08

From: Fr Dominic Howarth
Sent: 08 July 2019 17:17
To: ML All Parishes; ML All Clergy; ML All Staff at CH; ML All Stewards of Gospel
Subject: BCYS website and "Virtual" Lourdes

Dear friends

As you know, on 20th/21st July the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes begins. This year 160 young people, accompanied by nearly 70 young adult leaders, will head off in four coaches to assist a great number of adult pilgrims with varying needs. The young people come from 46 parishes from across the Diocese – thank you for all that so many of you have done to encourage them, and to help with fundraising. It makes all the difference.

Please keep the whole week in prayer.

The BCYS website is currently being updated, with fresh resources sections for catechists and youth leaders and a revamped front page, to give it all a better look and feel. The new version will go live on Friday 19th, ready for the pilgrimage on 20th.

As part of the BCYS offering to the whole Diocese a group of young adults film sections of each day, and package these as “Virtual Pilgrimage” highlights, so that parishioners from across the Diocese can "join" the pilgrimage, albeit from a distance. We know this is popular – last year there were around 3,000 people watching each new clip. It is especially helpful, we hope, for housebound parishioners who may be too ill or frail to travel, but who welcome access to the spirituality of Lourdes. The "Virtual pilgrimage" will include the homily from each of the pilgrimage Masses, as well as other daily highlights.

There is also Lourdes own TV channel, broadcast online, which will feature Brentwood at 22.00 (UK time) when we are part of the Marian (Torchlight) procession and at 09.30 (UK time) on Tuesday 23rd July, when we celebrate Mass at the Grotto.

Please could you insert the notice below into your newsletter this weekend, and mention it this week and next, to help as many people as possible to know about this. Thank you.

With every blessing Fr Dominic

Update 2019-05-06

Steve Webb (Director of Development, Brentwood Diocese) has published a new e-bulletin on the Diocesan Vision Document. Please take a moment to read it here.

Update 2019-05-09

Parish Partnership Stewards of the Gospel and a couple of our Parish Priests at our PP meeting on 1st May at Dunmow.

From left to right starting at the back are Keith Whiley (Dunmow), Cyril O'Connor (Halstead), Keith McDowell (Stansted), Fr. Joseph Whisstock (Halstead), Nicholas Hinde (Dunmow), Kate Manning (Braintree), Linda Wheater (Bardfield), Ken Lowe (Saffron Walden), Alfred Wheater (Bardfield), Nigel Gardener (Halstead), Fr Martin Nott (Dunmow).
Missing SotG: Robina Debnam (Bardfield), Graham Meek (Braintree), Des Connors (Stansted)
Missing Clergy: Fr. Richard Rowe (Bardfield), Fr. David Clemens (Saffron Walden), Fr. John Garrett (Stansted), Msgr David Manson (Braintree)

Update 2019-05-09

Items collected in our Rosaries for India Lenten Caritas appeal.

They were gratefully received by Teresa Crush of Halstead who complimented us on our generosity. They are now en route to our fellow Catholics in Tamil Nadu, India.

Update 2019-03-04

Steve Webb (Director of Development, Brentwood Diocese) has published a new e-bulletin on the Diocesan Vision Document. Please take a moment to read it here.

Update 2019-02-10

Following yesterday's Parish Council EGM, it has been agreed that the Sunday Mass time for Great Bardfield shall change to 09:30 effective from the 10th March, the first Sunday of Lent.

Update 2018-12-14: Christian Prayer Programme with Sr. Frances Moore

Christians from all traditions are cordially invited to join us for any or all of these sessions.

Each session will conclude with refreshments and fellowship.

Please phone Linda (Great Bardfield) on 01371 811195 or Kate (Braintree) on 07967 796227 to secure your place at any of these sessions. We shall also do our best to coordinate lift-sharing.

Poster and programme information available here

Update 2018-09-23

Information about the 2018-19 First Holy Communion Programme is now available!